The marine algae of San Juan Island are a diverse group of autotrophs that, while they do not go unnoticed, may not be routinely recognized as the lure of hobbyists in the way that birds, trees or even mushrooms are. This site is an attempt to recognize the diversity of seaweeds that often lies hidden beneath cold waters, lumped in drifting wracks, or decomposing in tangled heaps throughout Puget Sound. It is a collaborative, work-in-progress effort of many contributors, that attempts to document the biodiversity of seaweeds for the novice explorer, the more seasoned scientist whose research focus lies elsewhere, and even for the trained phycologist who may be looking for a contemporary portal of seaweed records that might highlight subtle changes when compared to historical accounts. Featured species pages are documented by course participants of the 2013 Summer Marine Algae Course at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories, and edited for technical accuracy and clarity by:

Brian Wysor, Ph.D., Department of Biology, Marine Biology & Environmental Science, Roger Williams University, 1 Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI  02809, USA


Charles J. O’Kelly, Ph.D., Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington, 620 University Road, Friday Harbor, WA  98250, USA.

All species pages are presented with reference to vouchered specimens (herbarium, slides, etc.).